This blog is created to show how to convert the JDK exe file into portable package.

JDK8 Portable

Follow the below stepts.

For JDK 8u102 things have changed, this worked for me:

1) Download windows JDK exe

2) Open with 7-Zip and extract to “jdk-8u261-windows-x64”

3) Open Terminal / Command Prompt and Change Directory to “path/to/jdk-8u261-windows-x64/.rsrc\1033\JAVA_CAB10” then excute this command

Example : C:\jdk-8u261-windows-x64\.rsrc\1033\JAVA_CAB10>extrac32 111

4) Above command generates tools zip folder in the same directory and extract the tools folder using 7-zip

5) Terminal / Command Prompt and Change Directory to “path/to/tools” and execute the following command

Example C:\jdk-8u261-windows-x64\.rsrc\1033\JAVA_CAB10>for /r %x in (*.pack) do .\bin\unpack200 -r “%x” “%~dx%~px%~nx.jar”

6) Now your JDK portable is ready to use. copy the tools folder into some other directory and name it as jdk-1.8

7) set the JDK path as JAVA_HOME in environment variable.

Example : set JAVA_HOME= C:\jdk-1.8

This solution works for without Admin rights.