Scheduler Application Using React & Spring Boot


This document describes how to create, change and cancel job scheduler with UI screens using reactJS and spring boot.

Technology Stack

The technologies used in this application are given below.

Front End

* ReactJS 
* Typescript
* Webpack

Back End

* Maven
* Spring Boot
* Spring Data JPA
* Quartz Scheduler
* H2 DB (InMemory)


Make sure to install the below tools and set the path in the system before proceeding to quick deployments.

  • Java - JDK 1.8
  • Maven Build Tool Download
  • Node Download - Required for development

maven requires JAVA_HOME variable, kindly follow the path setup given below.


set PATH=path/to/JDK/bin;%PATH%

set JAVA_HOME=path/to/JDK

set PATH=path/to/Maven/bin;%PATH%


export PATH=path/to/JDK/bin:$PATH

export JAVA_HOME=path/to/JDK

export PATH=path/to/Maven/bin:$PATH


In order to check the priority job execution, I have considered frequency as corn expression (String) because I have tried considering frequency as seconds (number) but there is a difference in seconds/milliseconds while trying to create the same Job frequency twice.

For Example, I have chosen 30 seconds as a frequency for JOB1

Let assume JOB1 scheduled at Wed Dec 02 16:55:48 GST 2019 and the following are subsequent execution.

Job Name JOB1
Priority 1
ScheduledFireTime Wed Dec 02 16:56:01 GST 2019
NextFireTime Wed Dec 02 16:56:31 GST 2019
Job Name JOB1
Priority 1
ScheduledFireTime Wed Dec 02 16:56:31 GST 2019
NextFireTime Wed Dec 02 16:57:01 GST 2019
Job Name JOB1
Priority 1
ScheduledFireTime Wed Dec 02 16:57:01 GST 2019
NextFireTime Wed Dec 02 16:57:31 GST 2019

You can see jobs are running at every 30 seconds. And, I tried to schedule JOB2 with the highest priority with same 30 seconds frequency but I can’t schedule due to the second’s difference.

Recommended options for testing priority job execution - Please choose 1 or 2 or 5 or 10-minute frequency

Not completed items from the requirement

  • Sorting done only by priority ascending order and not done for enqueuing order due to some grouping issue from H2 DB.

  • get a frequency (default 0 secs, which means scheduler is disabled) - due to some limitations I have chosen corn expression.

Source Code Download

If you have the GIT you can clone the application using the below link else use the direct download link.

git clone

Direct Download

Quick Deployment Steps

After setting Java & Maven in the path, execute the below command to start the application.

mvn spring-boot:run

once started hit this URL: http://localhost:8080/scheduler/#/

For Development & Contributions

Open two-terminal or command-line shell then navigate to application path and execute the below script.

Terminal#1: mvn spring-boot:run

Terminal#2: npm install && npm run start

Sample Screens

Server log before changing the priority jobs


Server log after changing the priority and en queuing jobs